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We are upfront about our business as a whole and always welcome inquiries into how we operate.

What do you make?

With over 30 years of experience, our experts have been very fortunate to have developed a wide array of products. Examples include POS systems for multi-state supermarket chains to market-ready websites for entrepreneurs who are just getting started. Give us your request, and we’ll do our best to deliver a quality product.

What programming languages do you work with?
Thanks to the longevity of our facility, we have experts in C, C++(inc. Visual C++), C#, Python, Java, VB.net,  VB 6.0, COBOL, RPG, .NET Development Suite, Tivoli and Web Sphere. Our developers are masters of web development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) with expertise in Angular and React.
What back-end technologies do you specialize in?
Our core competencies in back-end programming are with technologies dependent upon IBM and Microsoft architectures. We enjoy working with databases, and our team of experts have extensive experience in DB/2, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and Access. We are very proficient in C, C++(inc. Visual C++), C#, Java, ASP .net, VB.net,  VB 6.0, COBOL, RPG, .net Development Suite, Tivoli and Web Sphere.
What are your prices?
Our prices are dependent on the scope of the project, number of estimated working hours, and needs of the client. Discounts are given if projects exceed 2,000 working hours. We guarantee that we will not build something for our clients if they will not profit from its development and usage; client success is our foremost priority.
What is your refund policy?
Due to the high quality of our products and work ethic we’ve never had a refund in the 32 years we’ve been in business. However, if the need to do so ever arises we’ll gladly work with our clients to figure out the most viable options; we want our clients to succeed.

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